The Memory of Water

The Memory of Water Poster




 - Mary


 - Beth Gardner


 - Lisa Fairfield


 - Suzanne Sharples


 - Daniel Marot


 - Trevor Scales


Producer/ Founder

 - Lisa Fairfield


 - Vicki Hougham


 - Suzanne Sharples

Lighting/ Sound

 - Edd Ginn


 - Chris Chaplin


 - Emma Parker


 - Ravi Persaud

Carpentry/ Coffin

 - Jonty Sharples


Lisa Fairfield Profile

Lisa Fairfield

Lisa Bealby graduated in 2007 from the ACT (Academy Creative Training) in Brighton.

Credits include:

Mary McGinty in 'Once a Catholic' (Brighton Pavillion)

Cynthia in 'The Real Inspector Hound' (Lewes Theatre)

'Tell someone who cares' (Sally Bennis Theatre, Brighton)

'The Monologues' (White Room Theatre)

'Bite Size Plays' ((Argus Angel Award, Best Brighton Fringe Event 2008) which received 5 star reviews and a fringe first nomination at the Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh Festival 2009)

Catherine Blake 'In Lambeth' (Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough)

Donna in 'Kvetch' (BMC, Brighton Festival)

Una in Blackbird (The Marlborough, Brighton Festival)

Georgie Profile


Georgie, playing Mary, wants to thank you for coming and is looking forward to sharing this story with you.

Suzanne Sharples Profile

Suzanne Sharples

Suzanne is delighted to be back on the stage after a 15 year hiatus; playing the part of Catherine. Suzanne is also the co-producer, and hopes you enjoy the show.

Beth Gardner Profile

Beth Gardner

Beth moved back to Sussex in 2017 with a desire to rekindle her love of acting. She has most recently appeared in The Hypochondriac (2019) and Rumours (2018), both with the Forest Row Players. Vi is her first role playing the part of a mother.

Daniel Marot Profile

Daniel Marot

Daniel trained at the Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance and The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

Trevor Scales Profile

Trevor Scales

Trevor was classically trained at East 15 Acting School - a major proponent of Stanislavski and directly in the lineage of the groundbreaking Theatre work of Joan Littlewood.

He was also very fortunate to have been personally mentored by the legendary Theatre Director Simone Vause, to whom he is forever indebted for her tireless encouragement and intensive training.

Trevor has performed in a large number of plays in London, Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe Festivals cast as a wide range of very differing characters.

He is especially happy and proud to be an original Cast Member of Brighton’s Pop Heart Productions for whom he has performed for twice in ‘Decade 20‘ and more recently the much acclaimed ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ in Brighton Fringe Festival.

Vicki Hougham Profile

Vicki Hougham

Vicki is the director of The Memory of Water and this is her first official directing role since she was a student. Drama, movement and story are everyday occurrences in her home and work life. She is also a mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, half sister, wife, drama and movement therapist amongst other roles and this has helped enormously in directing this play. She hopes you enjoy.